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Fifth Grade

Famous Historical American Biography Research Project

After the research was all finished this year, 5th graders presented an oral report on their famous person. Their oral report was presented in front of a green screen. As an art project, students designed a background with a theme that went along with their person. In music class, they created the background music. They put all of the pieces together in a video using Adobe Premiere Elements. Click on the name of a famous person below and watch a final video project.

Bonnie Blair Thomas Jefferson Louisa May Alcott Babe Ruth
   Barack Obama Amelia Earhart
Photos taken by Webographer Nick

 Research involves students reading biographies and taking notes about their famous American. While reading their book, students look for the character traits that made their person succeed in life.

 Lots of reading requires lots of notetaking. Here is the start of an outline on information collected.
Photos taken by Webographer Ally & Megan
See samples of Benjamin Franklin and George Washington Carver Presentations
  These are some of the famous Americans that our students admire. Just hold your mouse over the photo and see who's who.
Biography Presentations
Davy Crockett Amelia Earhart Walter Payton
Photos taken by Webographer Anusha
Hank Aaron Marian Anderson Babe Ruth
Photos taken by Webographer Tania
The Wright Brothers Rosa Parks Biography Report Alexander Graham Bell Amelia Earhart Dr. Seuss
Photos taken by Webographer Emma
Amelia Earhart
Amelia Earhart
Photo taken by Webographer Megan
Paul Revere
Paul Revere
Photo taken by Webographer Megan
Eleanor Roosevelt
Eleanor Roosevelt
Photo taken by Webographer Jackie
Lance Armstrong
Lance Armstrong
George Washington Carver
George Washington Carver
Rosa Parks
Rosa Parks
Photos taken by Webographer Jackie
Walt Disney Laura Ingalls Wilder
    Benjamin Franklin 
Photos taken by Webographers Elizabeth & Emma

Positive character traits make people great. This project emphasizes the understanding and identification of those character traits. Students begin this project by working through the activities on the Real Life Heroes: Using Character Traits to Identify Heroism website. While doing this, their teachers share a selection of picture books with the entire 5th grade. They discuss the traits that students recognize book characters demonstrating.

Mr. Sovern is second in line. Mrs. Pewett reads Where's My Teddy? by Jez Alborough. Mrs. Frett reads Andy and His Yellow Frisbee by Mary Thompson.
Photos taken by Webographer Megan

It's fun to read picture books again.
After students learn about some of the character traits, they begin reading picture books. As they read, they identify the traits that the characters demonstrate. Some of these books are favorites from younger years and some are brand new to students.

Photo taken by Webographer Cameron

See samples of 2004/2005
Benjamin Franklin and George Washington Carver
presentations by clicking on their picture.

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