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Third Grade

Narrative Writing Examples

My Fish Cinimin

WAHOO! YES! I was in the middle of my class line to go home! The bell rang! Diiiinnngg! I felt like running out the door but I couldn't because I had a fish in a plastic bag to take home because our class was studying them. When I reached my mom and my brother came, we jumped in the car and drove home. Except for me because I had the cargo.

When we got home I wanted to dash in the house but I had to be careful of my fish Cinimin. I showed my dad and my brother Jacob Cinimin then I went to the kitchen and set Cinimin down to get ready to put him in his new home! First, we washed the tank to get the dust of the tank. We then put in green rocks. I looked at Cinimin and he wanted to know what was going on. I told him " Where going to put you in that tank." "Oooppss! "''I shouldn't have said that!"After that, we put water in the tank and set Cinimin in the bag, then in the tank to get him used to the water. He was very excited. '' I think he likes it! '' I said

My dad went in the basement to look for something. In the meantime, can you guess what Cinimin did after I said that? That little silly fish tipped the bag over! '' Yikes!'' Next, he did a tiny jump and got his head stuck on the bag a bit so I pulled him out of the water and he looked down and he was upside down! ''Gina,'' my mom said, ''Why don't you ask Ashley for some fish food?'' '' Ok!'' I said

Next, my brother Jacob came in the kitchen. He looked at Cinimin and I told him ''Thats a fish Jacob!'' After that Jacob tried to say fish but instead he said ''SHISH!'' My Dad came back upstairs and he couldn't find what he was looking for, I told him Cinimin was ready to go in his tank. I was very nervous when my dad poured him in the tank. ''Huray!'' I shouted ''Hoo!'' Jacob screamed! Just then, Mike my other brother came in the kitchen. Jacob was up on the counter calling Cinimin a ''Shish!'' "Shish!" "Shish!" Cinimin looked scared, "No!" "No!" Jacob my Mom said "You'll hurt the shishy!" Mike my other brother wanted to know " In how manyd minutesd is sugerd comind out o - " His name is Cinimin Mike!" I yelled. Then he asked the same question again only saying Cinimin instead "Never Mike." my Mom said I put Cinimin in his home on the counter in his tank and I said "Good bye!" Then I go to my fun time with my friend. I'm so unhappy to leave my new fish! I could hardly wait to come home!

In this evening, I learned about different feelings. For instance, you could tell that Cinimin was anxious to go in his tank by performing a small jump. Another reason could be when Jacob and I screamed we were releived that Cinimin was OK! Now, that all the excitment is over, I'm very glad to have a friend, a pet, or a family member , whatever you call Cinimin, that's always there for me.

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My Bird Sunny

As far back as I can remember, December 30, 1999 was the best day ever. I was at a pet store with my family, looking at different birds . All of them were beautiful and intelligent. I was looking quite closely for one then I saw it . It was the cutest bird in the world!

For a long time I wanted a bird. So, after Christmas 1999, with all the money that we got , we set out to buy a bird. Our whole family was there. Julie, mom, dad and me. It was pretty chilly outside. I was worried about my bird getting a draft.

At last we got to the pet store. There were many birds there. I was surprised that they brought in so many birds in the winter!  Finally, I saw one. It was a boy bird that was really cute. I wanted a boy bird because they don't nip or bite. He had a yellow head, beady black eyes, black and yellow wings, a lime green stomach, and a teal blue tail. We all agreed to by him. Then I asked a pet keeper to not clip his wings and to give the bird to me. When he was doing that , we looked at parakeet supplies. Mom said we had to buy food for him . Also I bought him a white and purple cage and a wooden swing . As soon as we paid for him, we ran out the door. Dad pulled up with the car. After a few minutes, it started to drizzling outside. Finally, we got home. Mom and dad opened up the box. The bird flew into the cage. I filled the water bowl with water and the seed bowl with seed. We turned on the T. V. to find Tom Skilling, one of Chicago's best weather men. I was excited to have my own bird. If you were wondering what I named my bird it was easy.   I had a named planned out and that name was Sunny.

That was the best day of my life. I still have Sunny now. He's almost one year old. Sunny really likes to climb up the bars of his cage . He's been healthy ever since we got him . His favorite song is 'Low Rider ' and loves foot ball. In conclusion, Sunny is the best bird ever!

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My Family Christmas Party in Minneapolis

I remember, one cold, dark, starry night on December 24, 1999, I went to my mom's brother's house for Christmas. the whole side of my mom's family was there. It was my family's old tradition.

Yippie! we were on our way to my mom's brother's house. I couldn't wait to see my relatives! The Heuers & the Larkins were also there. I was so impatient! I love spending time with my family on Christmas Eve!

Then finally! We were there! Once I got into the house, I hugged all of my relatives tight! I was as happy as a horse! I hadn't seen them in a long time! Then I played with my baby twin cousins, talked with people about things that had been going on in Naperville, helped with dinner, and played pool.

Then, everybody ate a delicious Christmas dinner. After that, everyone came downstairs and we had a huge pool game The players were my sister Liz, Boppa (my grandpa), my cousins Nick and Emily, and me. After, we ripped open our beautiful presents. Then, we listened to the bible story of The First Christmas. After that, I played Christmas carols on the piano for everybody.

On my way home I thought about it. I decided that you can spend time at home with people you see everyday. But it's better to be with family you don't see everyday, on Christmas Eve!

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Go Cart Adventure

One Sunday when I came home from Tennessee my dad surprised me with a brand new gocart. Then suddenly I remembered when I got my first gocart . I was at a garage sale shockingly" my" dad said Do you want this"? and I said" Yes." He got it for me because it was going to be my early birthday present.

We pulled out of the driveway. I was very anxious to put the pedal to the metal We backed up very slowly. I was kind of scared. It seemed like everything was happening in slow motion. My heart was pounding. It was kind of blurry.

Then finally we were out of the driveway. Suddenly my dad floored it. My hair was breezing in the air my lips started to curl up and I started yelling Yaaa !!!! like a trumpet getting blown in your ear. We went around the block 5 times then we headed home. We started pulling into our driveway. I didn't have that feeling when I first pulled out. Then excitedly I jumped out of the gocart. I hugged my dad and said thank you 7 times. My dad went inside but I stayed and kept daydreaming that I was driving it . Then my dad said to come inside and I did.

After that memory my dad said "What are you thinking about" and I said nothing. Then I jumped in my gocart and excitedly drove away. When I was driving I remembered how excited I was when I got my first gocart.

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My Trip to North Carolina

I remember when me, my brother Alex, Mom, Dad, my cousin Matt, my aunt Cathy, and uncle Dave went to Karowins theme park having the time of our lives in 1998.

Me, my brother, my dad and my mom packed up and started off in our car. "Were on our way to North Carolina" my mom said . It took 2 long days ! I was as tired as a sloth it was so long. When we got there we unpacked.. After we unpacked we quickly plopped down on my aunt's bedroom bed.

We drove to Karowins. When we got there we zoomed over to the pool and had a blast speeding down the water slides. After that we ate lunch. Guess what for desert we ate Dippi'n Dots! At Big Wave Bay we splashed in the waves!

Finally we packed up and started home. We got home at 11:49 P.M. Once we got home we went to sleep right away! We dreamed of all the fun we had. In the morning we woke up at 11:34 AM.!

I learned that if you try to have fun you will have fun! I really enjoyed having that vacation! Now I am looking forward to having another again!

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