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Fifth Grade

Expository Writing Sample Prompts

Print out and use these writing prompts to help you get started or give you ideas for writing an expository paper.

Clow School

As 5th graders you are the experts of Clow School. You have probably been here the longest.  You are the oldest and wisest, and have done more things than any other grade level.

What if you were to be in charge of telling all the new, incoming students
about Clow School? What would you tell them about? What are things they need to know to be successful?

Write an expository paper about Clow School. Be sure to give examples and details that support your ideas.

Staying Fit

Staying healthy and in shape is very important in a person's life. The choices that are made can change how long a person lives and what they are able to do when he/she is alive.

What are the things that someone can do to stay fit and healthy? Write an expository paper on what someone can do to stay healthy. Be sure to give examples and details that support your ideas.

Weather Prompt

Weather is all around us. It happens everyday. Some weather people like, while other weather can make people miserable.

Write an expository paper telling about a type of weather. Be sure to tell...

  • about the type of weather in detail

  • why this weather is good and/or bad

  • what people do in this weather

Be sure to add details, stay focused on your topic, and use transitions.


We see trees around us everywhere. There are so many trees that sometimes we forget how important they are and how they make our lives more enjoyable. People make things from trees. It can be fun to decorate trees. Trees also give us shade during the hot summer. Sometimes boys and girls have fun playing in them.

Write an expository paper explaining how trees make life more enjoyable. Be sure to give details about your ideas.

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