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Second Grade

Persuasive Writing

Around the holiday season Clow 2nd graders write their first persuasive paper.  Some of them are trying to persuade you to come to their houses for the holidays and some are trying to persuade Santa to believe they have been good. We all learned to attach pictures to our work, center typed text, underline titles, and so much more!

Following are the  product standards, the rubric (grading/assessment tool), and a few quality student products.  The question Clow children ask is,

"Is this good enough to put my name on it?!?"

Type of Writing: Persuasive

Purpose: Give the reader good reasons to agree with you.


What Makes It Good?

Letters to Persuade or Convince
Product Standards for Persuasive Paragraph
good opening that clearly states position
3 good reasons
conclusion paragraph
use transitions
do not beg, whine or bribe
schoolslant font
size 24
important words capitalized
written underneath title
written after the word “By:”
first and last name capitalized
spelled correctly
topic sentence
3 good reasons
conclusion sentence
correct capitalization
correct mechanics
correct grammar